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The EU Parliament’s Climate Emergency Resolution

There are many reasons to support the declaration of a climate emergency. There are as many reasons to oppose the declaration of a climate emergency. But none of them really apply to this declaration of a climate emergency by the European Parliament which waters down the concept of an emergency and fails in ratcheting up ambitious climate policies. Read my comment on the resolution here.

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An interesting article on Developing sustainability indicators – The need for radical transparency, by JohnReid and MatthewRout in Ecological Indicators (Vol. 110, 2020). They argue that sustainability has become framed as a technical rather than political endeavor, and that this reduces complexity and exaggerates accuracy in the development and use of sustainability indicators. To overcome this, they suggest that a radical transparency is needed to embrace complexity and admit inaccuracies, and engaging stakeholders by reframing sustainability as a political project. An interesting suggestion but I miss inclusion of or references to the already intense debate on innovations in sustainability statistics in the framework of the SDGs, as well as some words on the use of big-data and related approaches.

And, over a study claiming that Running: not so much a liberating hobby as a cult by Carys Egan-Wyer (Lund University). I of course like that she undertook an ultramarathon as part of her study. However, the main finding, that running has become a way to gain social status by creating an image or personal brand, is less convenient but certainly correct if understood as part of a bundle of reasons to run (far). And speaking about ultrarunning: Next up for me the 2020 Lejonbragden 100km, in Lund.


  • Call for Papers: The 2020 SDG Research Symposium – a forum for the exchange of cutting-edge research and policy studies on this question, bringing together a broad group of leading social scientists from universities and prominent think tanks for a first stocktaking of what we know about the actual impact of ‘governance through goals’. The SDG Research Symposium will not address sustainability governance as such but focus on assessing the effects of global goal-setting.
  • 2 PhD positions for NWO Vidi project ANTICIPLAY: Unlocking the potential of simulation gaming for anticipatory governance (1.0 FTE), Utrecht University.

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