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„Unite behind the science“ – aber bitte hinter der gesamten Wissenschaft! an opinion piece by Uwe Schneidewind in Merton Magazine. The piece makes the crucial case that uniting behind the science, a key message of the Fridays4Future movement and others, should mean all science – not just the natural sciences but also behind what he calls the transformation sciences:

Bei der Gestaltung einer Welt innerhalb planetarischer Grenzen geht es letztlich ja im Kern um einen großen gesellschaftlichen Transformationsprozess. Was Wege und Instrumente sind, diesen effektiv mitzugestalten – auch dazu gibt es umfassende wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse.

Uwe Schneidewind

While I question the strategic benefit of the re-branding of social and behavioral sciences to transformation sciences, the key message is important, relevant, and urgent:

Wer naturwissenschaftliche Klimafakten anerkennt, doch wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zur effektiven Ausgestaltung von Transformationsprozessen ignoriert, der stellt letztlich die Idee von Wissenschaft insgesamt infrage.

Uwe Schneidewind


An article by Isabelle M. Côté and Emily S. Darling about Scientists on Twitter: Preaching to the choir or singing from the rooftops? in which they ask whether Twitter allows scientists to promote their findings primarily to other scientists (“inreach”), or whether it can help them reach broader, non-scientific audiences (“outreach”). They conclude that there is a strong potential to disseminate scientific information widely after initial efforts to gain followers – in their empiric sample, the threshold was around a 1.000 followers.

Roadmap towards UNEA-5

For UNEP policy wonks and relevant stakeholders: The Roadmap for the UN Environment Programme Governing Bodies provides a regular update on key meetings of Governing Bodies, including in preparation for UNEA-5 and other meetings relevant for the Assembly.


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