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A broken system – why literature searching needs a FAIR revolutionA recent study found that many of the search systems used to mine the exponentially increasing volume of academic research articles, are difficult to use, non-transparent and do not adhere to scientific standards. As a result, researchers find fewer relevant records, searching takes longer, or does not have the necessary scientific rigor. To address these issues academic searching needs to adopt the principles of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), and be radically overhauled, so the blog post at the LSE Impact of Social Science Blog.


An interesting interview on the International Science Council blog with Neville Reeve, Head of Sector: Missions at the European Commission how ‘missions’ are being implemented in Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation programme (2021-2027). The idea of mission-oriented or ‘moonshot’ research gains popularity as a way to tackle pressing global challenges.

I very much like this approach to complement the hype on co-designed and co-produced applied local research and the go beyond the scope of mainstream research programmes and projects. My concern with the EU’s approach to missions, is that it still is not sufficiently different from just upscaling regular research. But, I am glad the need for research management is acknowledged:

It’s crucial that the performance of this kind of mission-oriented research can be reviewed as it’s being undertaken, to allow the research to be steered in different directions as necessary. This might involve creating individual mission managers who can take a big-picture view.

Neville Reeve, Head of Sector: Missions at the European Commission.

Call: Special Issue “Sustainable Public Administration”

Even though thirty years of social science research on (un)sustainable development as well as on governance of sustainable development have generated a vast body of knowledge, the focus has rarely been on sustainable public administration. With this background, this Special Issue in the journal Sustainability explicitly invites papers which address all kinds of questions concerning a sustainable public administration.

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Call for input: UN Member States and stakeholders are invited to participate in a survey being conducted to identify and prioritize potential emerging issues for further analysis and presentation in the 2020 flagship publication of UNEP, entitled Frontiers – Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern .

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