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The concept of Catalytic Cooperation. For a strategy document I m working on, I needed some theoretical foundation to underpin an argument for ratchet up mechanisms as explicitly build in to the UNFCCC Paris Agreement and implicitly in the Voluntary National Review process of the HLPF and the SDGs. Through a #daretoask tweet, I got some interesting responses (thanks @harrovansselt and @kvinkhuyzen) most notably a fascinating highly relevant paper: Hale, Thomas, 2018. Catalytic cooperation. Blavatnik School Working Paper, BSG-WP-2018/026 September 2018

The paper introduces the idea of “catalytic” institutions. When collective action problems are catalytic in nature, such institutions can promote cooperation not by enhancing the credibility of commitments but by shifting actors’ preferences over time.

Hale, 2018.

And, a must-read opinion piece by Victor Galaz: Coronaviruskrisen — en pyrrhusseger för klimatet. While I was getting annoyed with quite some scientists and environmental advocacy people mixing the corona pandemic with climate change issues in their social media posts, but neither had time nor a clear narrative to write a counter argument, Victor Galaz did just that, and did so very well.

And after reading that, sit down and enjoy the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra! Now that all concerts in most European countries are not taking place due to the pandemic, the Digital Concert Hall of the orchestra now offers free subscription.

Governance for Sustainable Development Volume 4: Challenges and Opportunities for Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

A new book in the series by the Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development, edited by Felix Dodds including a chapter I co-authored with Elizabeth Dirth, Elizabeth Hege, and Ingeborg Niestroy on Europe’s approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. This chapter summarizes a in-depth study we undertook commissioned by the European Parliament.

Download the book from the Friends of Governance Website

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The Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development were originally set up in 2010 to help member States prepare for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). They were re-established during the Open Working Group for the Post 2015 Agenda in 2014. The Friends group has since then continued to host workshops on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Group is chaired by the governments of Germany, Morocco, Nigeria, Republic of Korea and Romania.


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