Throwing out the Baby with the Bathwater: #Flyless and Academic Conferences

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The popular call to #flyless to academic conferences is throwing out the baby with the bathwater: It employs a limited understanding of academic conferences, it ignores the operational realities, and there are unintended consequences.

  • #flyless uses a limited understanding of academic conferences
  • #flyless over-estimates the availability of technological solutions
  • #flyless over-estimates the availability of logistical alternatives
  • #flyless ignores operational realities of conferences
  • #flyless inadvertently could hamper other (rather important) objectives

The main point (read the full text here):

At a time in which fast progress in science, and the generation of high-quality cutting-edge scientific knowledge is more crucial than ever in order to address the urgent and daunting challenges of sustainability and climate change — and as a matter of fact many other pressing societal problems — we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater. If attending a conference is beneficial to the career of a researcher, or adds real value to the advancement of the field of science, than #flyless should not stand in the way of in-person conference attendance!

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